Thursday, September 25, 2014

Thursday, September 18, 2014

5 Top Tips for visiting an art fair!

What regular people call "autumn", those of us in the art world call art fair season!
On my blog read my top 5 tips for visiting the art fairs, to enjoy your art browsing and save your sanity. :)

Top Tips for an Art Fair Visit, artist blog by Tina Mammoser

P.S. Getting to grips with the template... and comments are now enabled on the new blog! And the official RSS feed is:

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

FREE Creative Crowdfunding taster

My 6 week blog class for artists and creatives - Creative Crowdfunding - is open for registration. And you can download a free taster PDF with some advice for each category we'll cover on the course.

The class is for artists who really want to research and hone their project pitch. So not just a book or a checklist - I'll be providing worksheets and even a 1-to-1 at the end of the class for everyone. The 6 weeks will include:
  • Looking at different crowdfunding sites and their options
  • How to start researching other projects to perfect your own
  • Drafting your campaign project ideas and getting feedback
  • Creating rewards and funding levels - giving something special
  • Budgeting your whole project - costs, rewards, fees, and profit!
  • Schedule your whole marketing plan and look at tools available
  • Finishing - success, communication, sending rewards, and going forward

Check it out:

P.S. Early bird discount until September 28th!

Thursday, September 04, 2014

New studio home - new blog home

The studio has moved! As you well know.

In celebration I've also decided to move my art studio blog over to a proper home right alongside all the art. I'll continue to post previews and links here, too, so you can keep up via RSS feed. So starting with today's post, you'll find all the news over at:




Today's post:

Studio Tour - the new Scarborough art studio

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Precious drawing - or not

My sketchbook drawings aren't precious. Meaning: I don't try to be perfect and allow mistakes, do-overs, and drastic risks. Pages have been ripped, soaked through with water, scratched through with a pencil...

Here's a little video of a wave drawing.

In this a few things went "wrong" so I rolled with it.

First, the watercolour wash pencil wasn't quite what I intended. More line and outline than dark shape. So I added more marks and changed the overall shape of the wave I was going for.

Second, I wanted more background waves in the distance and that just didn't work. No problem. White paint over the drawing and work on top.

Wave Drawing from Tina Mammoser on Vimeo.

A back and forth "play" with sketching is important to me.

See the coast paintings

Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Suitcase pimping for the travelling artist

I've been doing a lot of suitcase-ing lately... giant suitcase to and from London for the last leg of the move. Little blue suitcase to and from friends over the road with laundry. ;) (yes, I'm on the hunt for a washing machine, and there are good secondhand shops here so just holding out for a reliable looking one)

The giant Jeep suitcase that could hold me.

The last 10 years of art travel have been about rucksacks and pannier bags. I'm ready to launch into the life of a grown up. But not too much, only in terms of luggage... then I'll see where it goes from there. Don't want to stop buying dinosaur toys or anything like that.

Pannier bags on bike tour. No potatoes in them this time.

So this competition popped up, and I was tempted! So full disclosure: this is a competition and I blog about their suitcases for entry. Cool beans!

New snazzy suitcases by Suitcase Glory:

Seriously, these are so cute and quirky. Surely creative folks should have creative luggage?

The beachhuts one of course reminds me of my friend Jo Oakley. The cities one reminds me of dear friend and ex-housemate Russell, who always preferred city breaks when we went away... to Brussells, Berlin, Brighton. (Hmm, maybe he just liked places starting with "B"?) But the cherries are for me. I need more fruit in my life.

And practical? Some specs from Suitcase Glory:
"These high-quality, lightweight suitcases weigh only 3.7kg and are made of super-tough polycarbonate. They have memory foam handles, soft-touch interior fabric with a zip-storage pocket and an easy, adjustable height handle. The TSA-approved built-in lock gives airport security access via a master key rather than force; and the four wheels mean the suitcase glides through the airport with ease without toppling over."
So light and safe. Adjustable handle works for us short folk. (easier to pull at half height)

And of course they'll be for sale in September for £129 and can be pre-ordered on

I'm sold. Maybe it's time to start visiting the family "back home" without carrying things on my back. Though obviously I'll need to find a spot for a travelling sock monkey. And some art supplies.

See the coast paintings

Friday, July 25, 2014

Yorkshire artist!

It's official: I'm now a Yorkshire artist.

Apologies for the radio silence... there was a lot of to-ing and fro-ing between cities, challenge with utilities, clearing of mould and moths, repainting walls, and way too much hot weather!

But I'm now in Scarborough. Permanently. And spent my first real day here walking in the water. Here's one full minute of sea. Just because.

See the coast paintings

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