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AmericanBrits: Art Exhibition by Two American-British Artists

14-19 January 2013, Gallery 27, Cork Street, London

Are the intrinsic cultural qualities that influence art based on the visual inheritance of an artist or the learned techniques developed within an aesthetic environment? An exhibition of paintings and sculpture by two American-born artists Rodney Beecher Roberts and Tina Mammoser explores this age old question of nature vs nurture.

Rodney Beecher Roberts, a 70 year old Californian-raised non-figurative action painter began his art career in Los Angeles has lived and worked in Herefordshire for the past ten years, becoming a citizen in 2009. Tina Mammoser is a 42 year old Chicago-born artist who began painting in England. She lives and works in London, has been in the UK nearly 20 years but only became a UK citizen in August 2012.

Both artists are painting within the context of England's contemporary art scene at a time when multi cultural and international diversity are reaching a crescendo. Yet despite extensive variables, not least of which are their very different approaches to and philosophies toward painting, a distinctly visible cultural thread appears to connect and run through their work.

The exhibition which includes current and past work from both artists will take place at Gallery 27 on the historic Cork Street in London, just behind the Royal Academy. The exhibition is free for all visitors and is within walking distance of Green Park or Piccadilly tubes and buses. The gallery will be open 14th-19th January from 10-6, with evening openings till 8pm Thursday and Friday the 17th & 18th.

Informational websites:
Tina Mammoser –
Beecher –

Event website:


Event date: 15, 16-18, 23-25 March 2012

The Sublime in Woolwich, with artist Tina Mammoser and writer Stephen Baycroft


Tina Mammoser - Paintings
Stephen Baycroft - Critical writing

  • Opening night preview – Thursday 15th March, 5pm – 9pm
  • Exhibition opening days/times: 16-18 March 11am-5pm, 23-25 March 11am-5pm 

Part 1 of "On Sublimity and Synaesthesia", a programme of art curated by freelance writer Stephen Baycroft.

In this exhibition the American artist Tina Mammoser will place paintings created in response to her experiences at the limits of ordinary vision in the context of the history of the notion of the 'sublime' (literally 'up to the limit') in Western painting.

Stephen writes from the viewpoint that Tina's 'Sublime' is created from the external viewpoint - taking the interpretation of landscape and light from physical vision and using a Kantian approach where the mind interprets the visual signals and forms a rational interpretation. But the work becomes Sublime when the rational can't entirely relate to endless or overwhelming ideas of light or space. Tina in turn will reply to Stephen's historical perspective with her intention as an artist in capturing both a scientific nature of light and aiming for the sublime in landscape views.

The work Stephen has selected for the exhibition is from Tina's series of paintings of the English coast and Venice water surfaces.

The exhibition is the first of a series, with future exhibiting artists working with Stephen Baycroft in other artistic interpretations of sensory perception. The series of exhibitions is being held at the new No Format gallery - a contemporary interdisciplinary visual arts space in Woolwich, London.

The exhibition and opening are free to attend, and is suitable for all ages.

This exhibition has also been organised with the support of Blackheath Gallery, who represent Tina Mammoser in south-east London:


For further information visit the gallery website or contact Tina Mammoser, email, artist's website

High resolution images available on request

Image: Meditando, acrylic painting on canvas © Tina Mammoser, 2011


Event date: 6-9 October 2012


Some new faces are descending on the London art scene – and they’re Americans.

Kathryn and Rodney Beecher Roberts – founders and organisers of the now highly regarded Cork Stree Open Exhibition – will be at the Fulham Palace Art Fair as Metacontemporary Gallery.

The couple first visited England in the 70s and 80s as antique dealers and fell lin love with the country. One of their artists, Tina Mammoser, first came to the UK as a postgraduate student and also fell in love.

Now Rodney and Tina have changed vocation – to artists.

Coming from the traditional world of antiques, Rodney now explores his roots as an aspiring artist in the early 60s. Embracing experimentation and abstraction, he says of his work, “My abstract or non-figurative work hopefully brings to mind feelings or thoughts and is most successful when it touches people on their deepest human level, allowing them to experience their own emotions. I would like my paintings to be a stimulus, like a sound, smell, taste or touch that triggers an individual emotional response reminding us, even for a brief moment, of our unique ability to be aware of ourselves and the universe around us.”

Tina, on the other hand, started her art with the traditional subject of the seascape but now applies her Midwestern eye for expansive flat space and applies it to the vast horizon of the coast. The theme of light unites the works that she will be exhibiting at the Fulham Palace Art Fair, where her paintings will range from the gathering of darkening storm clouds to the arcane light of Venetian skies.

Not just content with two artists twisting tradition, Metacontemporary will be representing a group of artists with different views of the usual. Annie Ridd creates exquisite beautiful still life drawings. But these drawings feature overlooked everyday objects, dead animals and insects often presented in ambiguous compositions. Arist Lindsay Pickett renders cityscapes then warps the view with several perspectives. His paintings can often be hung sideways or upsidedown with equal effect!

For a range of unique takes on traditional art visit Metacontemporary in the Bishops Terricks Dining Room of Fulham Palace.
Fulham Palace Art Fair
6 - 9 October, 2011
Showing with Metacontemporary Gallery
Fulham Palace, Bishop's Avenue (in the park)
London, SW6 6EA



Event date: 1-3 October 2011

American artist brings Lake Michigan to West Norwood

Artist Tina Mammoser is bringing a series of water paintings based on Lake Michigan to show at the Lambeth Open the first weekend of October. Originally from Chicago, her home city stretches along the giant Lake Michigan much like London follows the Thames. Tina's first home in London was in Lambeth near Stockwell station. Although now working from her studio in Woolwich, Tina was invited by a local artist and The Portico Gallery in West Norwood to show at the Lambeth Open for the second year. She decided to bring a different kind of water landscape to this little nook of south London - the brilliant blue of the lake.

Now resident in the UK, she find she identifies very much as a British artist especially in her love of the seascape, but there's just no escaping images of the vast open water of her midwestern home too. So alongside her ongoing project of painting the British coastline there are always small interspersions of Lake Michigan paintings each year - often coinciding with a trip home to visit family.

"There's something about the British waters and weather that my family just doesn't quite appreciate, so they seldom visit. The murky greys and greens, the churning of water on shingle beaches, the 'seaside' conjuring images of windy days and cliffsides. I love it, but the endless stretch of my blue lake will still always haunt me."

You can see Tina's paintings at
The Portico Gallery
23a Knights Hill, West Norwood, SE27 0HS
1-2 October 2011

Over 130 artists throughout the borough will be taking part in the 2011 Lambeth Open.

Title: Splash, Port - acrylic on canvas, 100x80cm, by Tina Mammoser (photo by same)

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